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BlondDee are complete with their own front and back line sound and light system suitable for venues of all sizes.


Gibson Explorer
Carvin Custom SC90
Epiphone/Gibson John Connelly maple neck Les Paul

Behringer X V-Amp Distortion/effects pedal

    Back Line Amplification

Marshal AVT-150 150W combo amp

Amplification Systems   

Behringer PMH1250S 500Wrms+500Wrms Powered Mixer
Carlsbro Pro 1200, 2 X 550Wrms
Mackie 406M 2 X 200Wrms
Alesis MultiMix8 mixer

Additional, 5KW, is available if required

Loudspeaker Systems


Peavey UL15 two of 1 by 15" with horns, 500Wrms +500Wrms, 2000W peak total
Studiomaster VX12  two of 1 by 12" with horns, 250Wrms +250Wrms, 900W peak total

Additional Speakers if required:

JBL TR225, two of 2 by 15" with horns, 450wrms+450wrms. 1,800W peak total


Two Shure SM57s

Microphone stands, music stands and cables

Lighting System