General Replicator Theory


Kevin Aylward B.Sc.



It has been held that an Intelligent Replicator, that is one that has generate, select and copy traits has faster replication rates then simple Replicators, and that evolution will drive toward better Intelligent Replicator.

Emotional attractiveness is not solely genetically innate. It is a gene trait that is also programmed by special meme moral traits, and as already identified, such traits are programmed by the environment. It has to be this way, as like other meme traits, a gene hardware solution would be prohibitive resource wise.

Facial Features

Summary - Features are selected based on how close those features are to the average features of the population, as averages are inherently the most popular traits, and we preferentially select the most numerous traits to copy into our offspring.

It has been noted that, that which is mostly observed, is that which replicates the most. It is also noted that the Intelligent Replicator has evolved to select and copy the most popular traits, since, by their very nature, these traits are assumed to be those traits that maximize the numbers of the Replicator.

Consider traits such as the distances of various land marks of the face, for example, size of ears, nose and ears, distances between eyes, distances between eyes and nose, distances between chin and nose etc... The most numerous or popular traits will clearly be the averages of such landmark measurements, if we assume some simple statistical properties, e.g. a gaussian spread of traits. Since these averages are the most likely ones, i.e. the ones that are replicated the most, the Intelligent Replicator will simply attempt to copy such average traits on the initial assumption that such traits should be generically beneficial. This manifests itself as physical attraction to those Replicators that have such average traits. 

Consider typically, a wow what a big nose nose he has got.... his eyes are two close together etc. These are all evaluations based on a perceived normality, and we would therefore be expected to reject such traits.

Studies have indeed confirmed that what people rate as most attractive is indeed where facial landmarks are the average of the Replicator population. We are left with the somewhat ironic condition, that those who are considered "average looking" have facial features that are not average, and special, good looking people have faces that are perfectly average!.

Musicians and Artists

It is well known that many well skilled individuals have very good success in attracting mates. Why is this?. 

On face value, the ability to play a instrument or paint a picture, by itself, would appear to offer no real advantage to its Replicator replication rates. However, what such ability does indeed show, is that the Replicator, is demonstrating that it has superior generate, select and copy traits, and it is these traits that are desired in general. It would therefore be reasonable to assume that such skill sets may be utilized in more practicable ways to benefit a mates offspring. Even if such individual is not particular skilled, because many are, or have been, there are already existing moral meme traits that will still force an emotional attractiveness response. In addition, the self referral nature between moral-emotions can ensure that such attractiveness is self sustaining. It is further explained in consciousness just how apparently non maximizing traits, are indeed specifically required in order to achieve such maximizing abilities. 

It is suggested here, that irrespective of what particular skill is being demonstrated, such general generate, select and copy skill traits, will manifest themselves as an attraction factor to mates, and thereby propagate by meme replication.

(work in progress)

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