General Replicator Theory

Environmental Adaptability

Kevin Aylward B.Sc.


Meme-Gene Interaction

It has been held that the human brain is an Intelligent Replicator, that is, it is a Replicator that can generate, replicate and select traits. It has also been held that such an Intelligent Replicator has a Replication advantage over a hardware, gene based Replicator. It has also been held that emotions form very effective traits of a Trait Selector Replicator, of  which an Intelligent Replicator is one such example. It has also been held that it is moral meme traits that invoke a particular emotion in a given situation, and that it is this emotion that instructs the Replicator how to behave. This may be summarized as:

environment->morals (meme)->emotions (genes)->behavior->environment

Thus, an environmental<->behavioral meme-gene loop exists that allows for the complete adaptability of the human Replicator such that it can take action to maximize itself irrespective of environmental conditions.

Without memes, such adaptability would, arguable, be impossible. Hardware genes simply do not have the flexibility to adjust to all environmental conditions.


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