General Replicator Theory


Kevin Aylward B.Sc.




Senses are a physical manifestation of the brain and bodies physical state, therefore any aspect of senses ultimately resolve to that of a Replicator and its Replicants. The gene hardware usually resolves the various technical issues, but the final action on such sense signals depends on both the memes and genes residing in the Replicator. In fact, even the gene hardware can itself be a function of the Replicators memes.

Since senses are replicated traits of a Replicator, they must be so designed as to maximize the replications of its Replicator, in this case, the genetic code of the human body. It is held:

that a fundamental function of sense traits are to program the Replicator traits with the environmental information necessary to maximize the Replicator numbers.


(work in progress)

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