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Welcome to 

Kevin Aylward

Lead Guitarist


This site forms a summary of Kevin's musical background and various er.. um.. aspirations....

I am currently open to join or form a standard rock covers or possible glam rock. Past projects have been a Blondie tribute project, and a 5 piece covers band,  Rosie Rox.  but alas, those are no more. I am based in Stevenage.

My interest is in gigging, as such I am fairly focused as to the type of music I am seeking to engage in. 


I have a full PA, and MPV car, and a van and currently reside in Stevenage. I have full midi sequencing hardware for duo/trio engagements, and I am a reasonable competent midi file backing track programmer. 

I also have a Tascam Model 16 (8 mono, 2 stereo, 1 aux stereo),  track digital recorder. Very useful for making band demo CDs to pass on to venues.



I don't do auditions, well, not unless your name is Simon Cowell or Louie Walsh.


Guitar Deputy

I am available to dep for another band's unavailable guitarist. Obviously, for those few Blondie bands out there...I know the material...

I know one or two other songs as well, so feel free to contact me as to the specifics. 


Standard Rock/Pop/Classic Rock Covers Band and/or Vocalist Required

I am interested in either a standard Rock/Classic Rock/Pop covers only band.. e.g. songs  like:

Run - Snow Patrol, Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol, Dakota – Stereophonics, Stairway To Heaven - Led Zeppelin, Final Countdown – Europe, You Give Love A Band Name – Bon Jovi, Sweet Child Of Mine – G&R, Brick In the Wall – Pink Floyd, Don't Stop Believing - Journey, Message In A Bottle – Police, Don’t Look Back In Anger – Oasis, Because The Night – Patti Smith, If Looks Could Kill – Heart, etc. i.e. tuneful Rock. i.e. Ace of Spades – Motorhead is not on the cards for me.

I currently have access to an excellent keyboard player. If a vocalist turns up then things could look pretty niffty. They are in the same boat as me, i.e. happy to form a band if other musicians become available (i.e. a singer) but also looking to be part of an established band if one becomes available. 

Female Vocalist - Rock/Pop Duo

I would be open to working as duo with a female singer. The style is open, but ideally would be on the lines of songs/artists such as:

Blondie, Fleetwood Mac, Pretenders, ABBA, Pat Benatar, "If Looks Could Kill - Heart", "Don't Speak No Doubt" etc... 

Glam Rock Band or Glam Rock Duo

I also have an interest in working with an existing Glam Rock band or forming a Glam Rock Band, or maybe doing some duo work with a vocalist.

A full set of Glam Rock, live feel, Midi  sequenced files are already available.

For those young pups, Glam Rock are those songs from the 70's by bands such as  The Sweet, T. Rex, Gary Glitter, Suzi Quatro, Slade, Mud, David Bowie, Alvin Stardust, Roxy Music, that ware those daft clothes

Alternatively, specific Glam Tributes such as Slade or The Sweet are an option.

Midi Sequencing

The following 35 sequenced parts are already fully available for Glam Rock Duo gigging:

All The Young Dudes, Ballroom Blitz, Block Buster, Can The Can, Children Of the Revolution, Co Cacho, Crazy, Crocodile Rock, Cum On Feel The Noise, Devil Gate Drive, Do You Want to Touch, Dynamite, End Of The World, Everyday, Far Far Away, Good To Be Back, Get It On Bang A Gong, Gudbuy T' Jane, Hell Raiser, Hot Love, Jean Genie, Jeepster, Juke Box Jive, Leader Of The Gang, Lonely This X-mas,  Maggie May, Make Me Smile, Man Who Sold The World, Schools Out, Shang A Lang, Starman, Suger Baby, Squeeze Me Pleeze Me, Telegram Sam, Tiger Feet, Wig Wam Bam, Ziggy Stardust.

Other Tributes Act Interests

Blondie, ABBA, Mid 70's Disco, Bob Marley.

Excluded Projects

These types of projects will not be considered, so don't ask!

1 Punk, Heavy Metal and any similar thrash non music nonsense.

2 Rap, House, Indie, Bass and Drums, Soul, R&B, etc.

3 MOR, Elvis, 50's, 60's

"'12 bar blues', just another excuse to play the same song 12 times in a bar" - Kevin Aylward