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I have views associated with the right, left and orthogonal to both. 

I am a realist. Objective Reality exists, Facts, Logic, Science and Rationality are the core to understanding the physical universe and human behaviour.


Social & Physical Constructs - what they are and what they are not

Human Rights & The Trans Lobby - Yeah.... 

Gender & Biology - Gender is meaningless without Biology

Transphobic - Effective definition of "Transphobia"

Equality Act - My take on the legality of restrictions on certain expression

The-Corrosive-Impact-of-Transgender Ideology.pdf 

"The Stonewall policy of "no debate" was an absolute masterstroke. If you get the chance to discuss this issue with people for five minutes then they can see the conflict. Stonewall canít afford for us to have any meaningful debate because the holes in their ideology become plain for all to see"


https://lgballiance.org.uk/             LGB Alliance
https://www.faircop.org.uk/          Fair Cop
https://fairplayforwomen.com/     Fair Play For Woman
https://legalfeminist.org.uk/         Legal Feminist
https://colinwright.substack.com/p/the-dangerous-denial-of-sex Colin Wright - Sex is binary
https://filia.org.uk/latest-news/2020/6/27/allison-bailey-i-am-suing-stonewall-to-stop-them-policing-free-speech Allison Bailey


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